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Hi Linda!
A Shih Tzu Dog Breeder
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Linda Crandall
Phoenix, Arizona
Welcome to
It is my pleasure to offer for adoption, to approved homes, some very special puppies. I will not sell a puppy to brokers, puppy mills, back yard breeders or pet stores.

All of my dogs are AKC registered and are top quality. Some are from champion lines and others are not.  I sellect them mainly for disposition, but also for color and conformation.  My dogs live in my home with me and are primarily my pets.  Since I am a small breeder, I only have a few litters a year.  I am present at the birth of each litter.  None of my girls will ever have their puppies alone.  I am retired so I devote all of my time to my pets and my grandchildren; both of which are the joys of my life.

Should you adopt one of my puppies and later find you can no longer keep it, I will gladly take it back.  I don't want any of my babies ever ending up in a shelter.  I love this breed and also operate an animal rescue service.